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CrisisOnCall was established on 1 October 2002 as a private company. (Registration number 2002/0249 66/07) It was preceded by two years of research regarding lifesaving information required by paramedics during patient treatment. During the research a need for one national emergency number and other “peace of mind” services also came to light. The basic package of services was compiled in such a way that it could offer help to a member in the midst of a crisis.

CrisisOnCall is an established company with Europ Assistance South Africa as our primary service provider. Europ Assistance SA and Care Assist merged on 1 October 2002 under the name Europ Assistance South Africa. For the last 27 years Europ Assistance has provided call centre services in South Africa.

We have introduced innovative products and services to the South African market including a unique and effective identification system that will communicate lifesaving information when needed most. Over the years new products like Contact Me have been developed to fit new needs as new technology is developed, i.e. smartphones.

The services offered are available in one package that has been developed to fit the needs of every South African. Add on products can be added to fit the needs of all clients.

In conjunction with Europ Assistance South Africa, our business and products are continually re-engineered to ensure that we remain at the forefront of developments.

The services rendered are developed to support every South African in the midst of a crisis situation.

CrisisOnCall is solution driven where we do things the new and better way!

Our motto, "We really care" says it all!


CrisisOnCall was selected as Advertiser of the Year 2009 by Rippel 90.5 FM listeners. (This was the only year that an advertiser of the year was selected) A few thousand listeners are members of CrisisOnCall and use the services on a daily base.

CrisisOnCall is currently advertising on ten radio stations all over South Africa.  

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