What To Do At An Accident Scene

First of all, stop! It is important that if you were involved in an accident that you stop your vehicle as quickly as possible. If you do not there can be legal complications - especially if someone was hurt. If you crash into something like a tree and nobody is hurt or property is damaged, then you may leave but it is still a good idea to report the incident to the police.

Remember to switch on your hazard lights as soon as you have stopped so any oncoming traffic can see you.

Find out if anybody is hurt, and call emergency services and the police. Try not to move the person and if you do not know anything about first aid, be careful not to do anything that might make the injury worse. Do try to make the person feel comfortable – even if you just talk to him or her. Remember that you can be criminally charged if you don't help anyone who is hurt at the scene. You need to stay at the scene until the authorities give you permission to leave. If you yourself are injured, you will be taken to hospital for medical attention.

Find out how much damage has been done to property, but try not to disturb any of the evidence. If your car is completely obstructing traffic, you will need to move it but make sure that you mark where the car was first. Most of the time time the authorities do take care of this.

Get all the important information:

  • Full names of all involved in the accident
  • ID numbers
  • Telephone numbers
  • Addresses
  • Registration numbers of all vehicles involved

Also try to get the following:

  • Details of the police officers, traffic officers, emergency personnel and the tow truck personnel.
  • Descriptions of the vehicles involved
  • If possible, pictures of the vehicles, accident scene and injuries.

Remember that there might be legal consequences, such as:

  • A civil claim for damage to property
  • A civil claim for personal injury
  • A criminal charge of driving without a licence
  • A criminal charge of culpable homicide
  • A criminal charge of drunken driving


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