Emergency Support Services - The basics of saving lives

The term emergency has become very common over the last decade incorrectly being attached to a host of trivial meanings and scenarios. What the term really describes, in the medical and associated context, is when there is a matter of urgency related to the permanent loss of limb, life or loved ones and where legitimate emergency support services are required. This is a real emergency and more often than not requires the subject to be stabilised as quickly as possible to avoid limb loss, permanent disability or even fatality.

Here are some of the common emergencies faced by average citizens in and around the home. These are scenarios that could indeed warrant the need for emergency support services:

  • Allergic Reactions
  • Asphyxiation & Choking
  • Consumption of Fuels or Poison
  • Drowning
  • Fires
  • Heart Attacks, Strokes and Aneurysms
  • Power Tool Accidents
  • Kitchen Accidents
  • Vehicle or Road Accidents
  • General Accidents Around the Home

So as you can see, emergency support services are vital for when a real emergency unexpectedly occurs - a situation that calls for urgent stabilisation of the patient or situation. When we use the term stabilise we refer to ensuring the survival and safety of patients as well as making certain - to whatever extent possible - that the prevailing situation does not worsen.

Stabilisation is most commonly performed by qualified medics, the fire departments and other officials who have been trained to handle emergencies - depending on the nature of the incident. The reason that emergency support services and the skilled personnel are so important is that with emergencies the first hour after an accident - The Golden Hour - is most critical. This is when the real danger of the loss of life, limb or permanent and irreparable damage can occur. In this time it is important to have the right emergency support servicesrespond in a timely manner, ready to stabilise the patient or situation at a moment's notice.

So don't gamble with your safety and that of your family. We at CrisisOnCall are able to facilitate appropriate emergency support services to handle almost any situation whether at home or whilst travelling. We are also partnered with reputable support services so that our valuable customers know that they are always enjoying access to quality emergency support services, whenever and wherever it is needed.

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