The Bottom Line

We live in a reality where crime, accidents and medical incidents, only to name a few, happen every day. We can never say it will not happen to me or my family. The answer is to put a support system in place should something happen to you or your family.

Paramedics agree that information helps them to save a life. Shanelle Gordon, paramedic wrote to us in support of the armband identification. She says that it is a wonderful idea and also tells how difficult it is to obtain a patient's information, with emphasis on when they are unconscious. 

During research done by CrisisOnCall it was proved yet again that items like jewellery, key holders, stickers, cards and any loose items that cannot easily be linked to a patient, are not always effective. 

TIME = LIFE! Do not even argue that “it won”t happen to me” or “my medical aid sticker will do the necessary when something happens to me or my family” A lack of lifesaving information might one day rob precious TIME from you that can make a life threatening difference. 

It is now TIME to make your family a member of CrisisOnCall!




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