Arrive Safely With Breakdown Roadside Assistance

Are you embarking on a long journey? A Family holiday perhaps? A fishing trip to a remote part of South Africa? Have you considered the possibility of an unexpected breakdown on a deserted road at an odd hour? What would you do? Well this can indeed be a sobering thought, which is why breakdown roadside assistance should be carefully considered as more than a mere luxury, but a necessity.

Consider the implications of having someone reliable, let's call him a 'big brother' checking on you telephonically and regularly during the course of your journey. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, what value would you place on intervention? Could your 'big brother' effectively arrange the towing of your vehicle, facilitate car hire and accommodation? How about arranging for a locksmith in the event of your keys being locked inside the vehicle, jump starting your vehicle if your battery is flat or relaying of urgent messages? Fortunately, modernized breakdown roadside assistance service providers transform the above into reality.

This means that whether you're a businessman, travelling on a family holiday or simply moving from point A to B, one can enjoy peace of mind, with proper planning. Experts specializing in breakdown roadside assistance and related services also provide access to a helpline in order to facilitate the necessary arrangements, and with the exception of the service provider's fee, there's no additional charge. Such affordability and associated benefits provide consumers with realizable and authentic value for money spent.

In the event one requires breakdown roadside assistance for a mechanical breakdown, flat tyre, flat battery or any other roadside related emergency solutions are readily available. These extensive services provide coverage anywhere within the borders of SA via domestic service providers. Associated benefits and services are chiefly as follows:

  • A towing service to safely and securely move the vehicle to the nearest place of repair or safekeeping.
  • A convenient and efficient Jump-Start service.
  • Tyre change service.
  • Emergency fuel is supplied in the event of the vehicle running out of fuel.
  • Similarly a service provider is dispatched in the event of keys being locked in the vehicle.

In order to qualify for the above benefits one has to be registered with an accredited service provider. A customer services consultant would be able to advise customers on contract details and any further queries. In the event of subsequent repairs, whilst the consumer covers costs of parts it is important to note the free facilitation benefit. Costs associated with towing and repairs specifically requested by the customer are for his or her own account. Vehicles also have to comply with necessary statutory norms, be registered, appropriately licensed and in a state of roadworthiness.

Breakdown assistance translates to peace of mind, the security of your loved ones and yourself. We are all too familiar with the unfortunate and publicized crime statistics related to break down victims. With breakdown roadside assistance and associated precautionary measures in place one can effectively be planned and prepared in the event of these emergencies and possible crisis situations.


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