About the Call Centre

Call Centre

  • The call centre is situated in Constantia Kloof, West Rand and is operated by Europ Assistance South Africa.
  • Europ Assistance South Africa is a registered financial service provider (FSP 5001).
  • Professional and well trained people operate the call centre 24/7/365.
  • Calls are answered on average within 20 seconds in 80% of the time.
  • The call centre complies with the ISO standards and is rated as the most comprehensive call centre in the country.
  • The call centre operates in all 11 official languages.
  • Europe Assistance South Africa was established on the same day as CrisisonCall (1 October 2002).

National Emergency Number

In the USA, Europe, Australia, etc. the well-known Rescue 911 system is in place, where a person can call one national number in the event of an emergency. In South Africa such a service is not available. There are separate numbers for the police, fire brigade and ambulance services (Note: Private ambulance service providers each have their own contact number.) The average South African needs to remember more than 50 numbers.

When a crisis situation arises you are usually away from your familiar surroundings, and it becomes a cumbersome process to obtain the correct number of the closest police, ambulance, etc. service.

CrisisOnCall has through the experience discovered that TIME = LIFE. Thus emergency needs to be available immediately as any delay can cost a life.

Membership to CrisisOnCall offers access to one national emergency number. CrisisOnCall is the first company that offers different numbers Afrikaans or English speaking persons. The new “Contact Me” service on smartphones is eliminates the need for an initiating phone call.

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