CrisisOnCall and the Community

CrisisOnCall and LIFEMED Ambulance Service, one of the ambulance service providers in the Pretoria area, went into a joint venture to put a public safety vehicle on the road to assist and enhance public safety in general. This vehicle will turn out to major accidents, multiple patients, to assist with public safety at the scenes to ensure a safer environment.

CrisisOnCall's identification items and public safety at schools, creches to enhance awareness among children and others will also be renederd. Courtesy visits for assistance of trauma victims and to get feedback about public safety in general is also part of the service.



I firmly believe that every South African would be wise to belong to CrisisOnCall. In fact, I encourage everyone I meet to do so.
I have been an enthusiastic member for years!
CrisisOnCall is dedicated to assisting all members with warmth, enthusiasm and efficient dedication.
This is a high quality service, with high-quality services.
They are geared up to meet the need of every person in any kind of emergency, and they really CARE.
You are not just a number at CrisisOnCall. They go the extra mile to serve members way beyond the call of duty.
They offer so many services, that I am not sure where to start or which one is more valuable to the member.
As a driving instructor I owe my pupils the very best service. Not only am I a member, which will protect me, in the event of an accident, but I strongly encourage my students to join too, and many of them do! Their parents are very grateful.
Do your family a big favour! Join CrisisOnCall! They deserve the reassurance that they will not be left alone and terrified if a crisis should occur! Give them the support that CrisisOnCall offers so generously!

Pat Allen

National President: SAIDI (The Southern African Institute of Driving Instructors)



Since February 2010, CrisisOnCall provideds a free service to the children and staff of the Jacaranda Children’s Home, which means that 260 children from this children’s home will be wearing the well-known CrisisOnCall identification wrist band. This project has been undertaken in collaboration with the Children’s Home to ensure that the children (and their house-parents), can feel more secure when they take part in sport or any other activities.

The ages of the children range from 3 to 18 years of age, and are often placed in the Children’s Home by the court as a result of ill-treatment, neglect, abandonment, as well as physical and emotional abuse.

Children at the Children’s Home are also exposed to various therapeutic programmes. Jacaranda Children’s Home is one of the most progressive in its field in South Africa.

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