Emergency Care with 24 Hour Home Assistance

In a medical emergency or crisis having 24 hour home assistance provides intermediate life support for serious or life threatening conditions by trained paramedics, taking care of your loved ones when you can't. Highly qualified and professional paramedic service facilitators are the next best thing to a mother's love, so to say. This is especially important when your emergency is in a home environment with little technical or medical expertise nearby.   

For working parents with young children or frail elderly parents, leaving them at home while you're at work during the day can be a worrisome issue, also getting in the way of your work. This is amplified if your precious family members already suffer from chronic medical conditions. With Crisis On Call you can have a paramedic service facilitator on hand with one quick call to the control room. As a word of caution, if possible, it is advisable not to hang up immediately, but wait should any additional information be required by the control room in order to assist you effectively.

In an emergency situation paramedics are trained in maintaining a calm and collected presence, often when you find yourself overwhelmed or stricken with fear. The primary duty of a paramedic revolves around stabilizing a patient and they are aptly able to perform basic procedures of advanced life support. You should also have adequate systems in place in the event of unforeseen situations. Crisis On Call's 24 hour home assistance toll free line can be given to childcare givers or to your children should they be old enough to make the call. You should ensure they have all the necessary details, or medical information, to assist the control room in providing help as quickly and accurately as possible.

Paramedic personnel are experts at providing appropriate medical care in critical situations, including attending to trauma injuries and cardiac arrests at your residence. They are aptly skilled and are able to assess a patient's condition by carrying out diagnostic tests. Additional assistance a paramedic can provide includes administering CPR, taking blood pressure, putting up an intravenous line and applying splints if required.

Medical assistance is just one call away with Crisis On Call. We provide a comprehensive list of services including medical, insurance and facilitation of travel and breakdown emergency services. With us reliable, life-saving 24 hour home assistance is now a reality.


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