Emergency Medical Care – Tactical Steps to Saving your Life

Although the requirement of emergency medical care is nothing to take lightly, we take pride in the fact that the great minds that try so hard each year to solve the various problems related to emergency situations are constantly thinking up new tactics for saving patients’ lives. These tactics used to simply be: provide first aid, transport patient to hospital and treat patient at the hospital. Today this has evolved over the years to become lifesaving strategies that cater for the patient along every small step of the way.

Due to the intense volatility of many emergency medical care scenarios it is of utmost importance to start treating the patient appropriately, and in whatever way possible, from the moment the accident occurs. We know from experience that situations that require emergency medical care can change in seconds and require the fastest response time possible to ensure the safety of the person who is injured.

First Responder

This is the person who is first on the scene and can be a doctor, a family member, friend or even a passer-by. Although this may be executed by almost anyone it is one of the most important steps to saving a life and generally just involves calling for suitable medical assistance, performing whatever first aid and CPR that they can, and ensuring the injured person’s airways aren’t blocked.

Ambulance Personnel

Emergency medical care requires a small team of trained personnel who will be the first trained medical experts to arrive on the scene. This team will always include a driver who may be trained in medical care, radio communications and advanced emergency response driving skills. The rest of the team may include an Ambulance Care Assistant (ACA), an Emergency Medical Technician, a Paramedic and a ‘Super Paramedic’. These members are all trained to handle specific scenarios in the event of emergency medical care and are vital for keeping the injured person safe until they reach the hospital.

These emergency medical care tactics have saved countless lives to date and we expect them to only improve further with time. So if you’re travelling, vacationing or simply would like to ensure that “extra” peace of mind, then don’t hesitate to contact us directly or visit us online for more info’ on our travel and emergency medical care facilitation services.

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