Emergency Medical Care When Travelling

How do you cope with a sudden illness or emergency medical care while travelling in South Africa? How do you ensure reputable access and treatment? Whether travelling on business or pleasure, emergency medical services ensure you and your family are safeguarded in the event of an accident or emergency.

Hospital Access and Treatments

Illness, accidents, treatments and care are an important and often overlooked part of planning a trip in South Africa. Uncompensated illnesses and injury often result in unforeseen medical expenses, un-necessary stress, and costly specialist treatments that could be spent on enjoying your holiday or completing your business matters.

Access to hospitals and treatment in South Africa are primarily received through medical aid or travel insurance, and varies in quality and treatment should assistance be required.

Pre-existing Conditions and Medical Costs

When travelling abroad with pre-existing conditions, medical cover acts as a preventative measure cushioning expenses and ensuring appropriate treatment and services through reputable facilities.

Without support, foreign travellers to South Africa may not be familiar with the requirements and services that cover such treatments or emergency medical care.

In such events medical travel insurance ensures accessibility with the benefits of dedicated healthcare professionals to assist you in your travels through South Africa.

Benefits of Emergency Medical Services

Emergency medical care facilitates offers choice and peace of mind. They ensure your health care needs in an unforeseen event or emergency are met and compensated for. Registering with such a service provider to support your travel allows you to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to toll free emergency and support help line.
  • Aid paramedics in obtaining lifesaving medical information with effective identification.
  • Facilitating emergency medical care by availing important lifesaving information to medical personnel in case of emergency, such as where surgery is necessitated.
  • Telephone trip monitoring to ensure safe travelling over long distance.
  • Free qualified and registered services including transportation to nearest and most appropriate facility.
  • Specific support and assistance in hijack situations.
  • Support and assistance locating missing persons.
  • Telephonic health advisory services in management and treatment of illnesses and conditions.
  • Trauma counselling and assistance following a traumatic experience from trained councillors.
  • Telephonic medical advice supplied to assist medical staff in treatment of your emergency.
  • Qualified in-house attorneys and telephonic legal advice and documentation where relevant.

The benefits of emergency medical care facilitation and intermediary support provide extensive coverage in the event of an emergency, while travelling through South Africa. Travel without and face potentially high medical costs, and the inconvenience of covering these costs. Rest assured, specialist organisations offering medical insurance in South Africa, ensure visitors enjoy peace of mind and a memorable journey visiting our beautiful country. You can conveniently locate appropriate service providers online where you will have access to the comprehensive range of services, contact details, testimonials and much more.


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