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Travelling, particularly vacation travel, can be a great deal of fun! This is not uncommon in Europe, with its diverse cultures and amazing destinations that make up the continent.  The culturally diverse land of Europe with its many destinations can offer distinctly unique experiences each and every time you travel. Living and travelling in Europe may not be a hassle as you may already have reasonable travel and medical insurance in place, while also being familiar with these travel destinations. However, visitors to the southern tip of the African Continent in SA, naturally require similar “ Europe assistance in South Africa as small problems can easily become disasters in foreign lands!

CrisisOnCall is your premier service provider, and jointly with the aptly named “Europ Assistance South Africa”, we are able to provide you with a comprehensive and affordably-priced travel package that caters for medical and other problems that may crop up! Our services can be considered individually, but it’s always best to consider an “all-in-one” solution when it comes to travelling with peace of mind.

Unfortunately, the problems that one may encounter whilst travelling abroad are almost endless when listed. These include basic challenges, like struggling to communicate in your native language, and more critical situations, such as emergency rescue or support.

Securing reliable “Europe assistance” in South Africa is an invaluable addition to our travel insurance package which has extended our benefits to foreigners, and covers the more personal aspects of one’s trip. Travel insurance covers damage to, or loss of property, and caters for needs such as accommodation. Europe assistance is far more involved in the personal side and deals with your health, wellness and helps ease any problems that appear while you’re meant to be having fun.

Some of our benefits made available in affiliation with our partner, Europ Assistance South Africa, include:

  • Providing a translator for communication.
  • Advising on local laws, customs and regulations.
  • Possessing prior knowledge of events, activities and potential dangers before travelling.
  • Managing your medical safety and security – including payment.
  • Organising emergency transport (air-bus / ambulance) at time of emergency.
  • Rapidly sourcing the best possible doctors and medical help for your problem.
  • Ensuring that you aren’t paying more than necessary, since you’re a tourist.
  • Foremost effort to not disrupt your vacation, trip or holiday by any means.

As you can see above, Europe Assistance South Africa is an addition that can save lives and enable visitors to travel hassle free in SA. Our package is also potentially the greatest investment to have in case of a natural disaster! Travel assistance puts you, the tourist, at top priority, meaning that in the event of a calamity, we will certainly be available to assist in wherever way possible.

If you are looking at travelling to SA and would like to know more information on CrisisOnCall and Europe assistance in South Africa, as well as travel insurance or even simple tips on how to make the most of your vacation, visit

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