Membership (word “member”) includes all family members meaning member, spouse and children under the age of 21 years, listed on the system.

Extended family means family older than 21 years still staying at the same address. (Parents or children). Adopted children are already part of the standard definition of a family.

You are only entitled to services if your monthly membership premiums are paid up.

You are responsible for the punctual supply of information to ensure the upkeep of our records.

Your premium is debited on the FIRST day of the month and it is your responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are available in the account for the successful levying of the premium. (The debit code on the account statement starts with RSN followed by COC and your membership number)

Benefits will only be available if membership fees are paid up to date.

Identification arm band must be visible on the wrist.

If you request roadside assistance from the call centre, your vehicle details must be registered on the CrisisOnCall system. (Any change of vehicles must be submitted to the CrisisOnCall administration offices immediately.)

When requesting services from the call centre your membership number on the yellow membership card must be quoted.

In an emergency always call 0800 101 911 (members only) and press the required option.

No Auto bank card numbers will be accepted. Bank Account numbers must be supplied correctly and it will remain the responsibility of the member to ensure that the account details supplied are correct at all times.

Updating of personal data must be done via email or fax. The update of information will remain the responsibility of the member.

CrisisOnCall shall not be responsible for consequential damage whatsoever, resulting from incorrect or incomplete information at any stage, whatsoever.

CrisisOnCall shall not be responsible for any mistakes or malfunctioning by service providers.

The services of CrisisOnCall confines within the South African borders.

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