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Help when on holiday

I was on holiday in the Karoo when I received a call that my townhouse's power tripped after a huge thunder storm.
Of course, my fridge was full and someone must get into my house to switch the power back on. My friend who has a remote control to my garage could not enter because the power was off and the remote could not open the door! She called me and immediately I thought of CrisisOnCall. I called them from the details on my blue armband and asked them if they could assist.
Within 45 minutes CrisisOnCall had a locksmith at my house. He opened the glass door without damaging the lock. My friend knows where the key of the security door is kept and with a wire pulled it closer and opened the security door.

They then entered the house and turn the power back on! Thanks to CrisisOnCall for your prompt service specially on a Sunday. Thanks for the call afterwards to make sure everything was sorted out.

It is definitely worthwhile being a member of CrisisOnCall! - Delien Vosloo

House Keys Missing

On Friday I came home and could not find my house keys. My husband was away for the weekend and I had to get into the house.

I was looking for someone trustworthy to open the house as my spare keys were inside of the house.

One call to CrisisOnCall and a locksmith was on his way. They contacted me back and confirmed that Johann Breytenbach was on his way to help me and it would cost me R500.

About 30 minutes later a very friendly Johann arrived and showed me his business card.

Within 10 minutes the door was unlocked. Due to the CrisisOnCall membership I received a R100 discount. What a pleasure, I was in my house and my problem was solved with one call. CrisisOnCall contacted me three times to hear whether the locksmith was with me and later again to find out if I was safe and happy with the service.

Thanks to everyone who helped. – Lelanie Geldenhuys

New year's eve Drama With Water Pipe

On New Year’s Eve I stepped into the back garden of my house, only to find that half of the backyard was under water. The water bubbled from between the pavement.
Giving up hope I contacted CrisisOnCall. They arranged a plumber in the area that was sent to my house after I accepted the quote telephonically.

Within two hours the pipe was repaired and my problem was something of the past. - Marius Ferreira

Without Electricity

We were sitting and watching television and suddenly a loud bang and all the electricity was off. I realised that the problem was in my house and I had to get someone to fix it. My wife contacted CrisisOnCall and they dispatched an electrician. It was about nine o’clock at night.
The electrician quickly located the fault and the repairs did not cost an arm and a leg. At 11 o’clock that evening everything was back to normal at home.

Thank you CrisisOnCall for your quick and efficient service. Without you it would have taken me a long time to find an electrician. – Dawid Greyling

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