Home Emergency Care

Accidents and medical emergencies happen when you least expect them. The wise person prepares for situations before they happen. It doesn't require much effort - but planning ahead can make the difference in life or death when something unforeseen happens.

Invest the time to learn CPR techniques. Be a lifesaver and simply check the internet for basic CPR classes in your area. Know how to perform the Heimlich manoeuvre in case you are at home or in a restaurant when someone starts choking.

If the medical emergency involves bleeding - always seek immediate medical attention if the wound:

  • Looks deep
  • Large enough to require stitches
  • Is "spurting" blood
  • Is caused from a human or animal bite
  • If any object is embedded
  • Involves a broken bone
  • In contact with a dirty or rusty object

While waiting for help to arrive, apply pressure to the wound. If there is no embedded object, use a clean cloth to cover the wound. If this cloth becomes damp, use another one on top of the original cloth. Maintain continuous pressure until the bleeding stops. Try to keep the person as calm as possible.

Burns require immediate medical attention if the burned area:

  • Is on the face
  • The eyes are burned
  • Swelling or blisters form
  • Covers a large area of skin
  • Is due to severe electrical shock

While waiting for help, it's important to flush the eyes very well with cold water if they have been burned by fire or chemicals. Do not apply cold water or ice to burned skin - simply over with a clean cotton sheet until help arrives. It's good to give electrolytes if the person can swallow. Aloe Vera is another very helpful natural remedy. It will help relieve pain, prevent infection and promote healing. This can be from a plant in your home - or a purchased container of Aloe Vera gel.


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