A Mute Bracelet

A mute bracelet on your arm, can help you one day, if you are unconscious the mute bracelet can get you the right aid, book you into the right hospital, get the right doctors and it can even get you the permission for an operation if necessary. It can notify your family and friends, think of your surprise when you awaken and your life is saved. This through a mute bracelet with the right references on it. Join CrisisOnCall immediately - J. Jacobs

Superb service with information thanks to the CrisisOnCall armband.

One of the bike patrol guards of Moot Community Security Services (MGS) was brutally driven over by a car speeding away from what was believed to be a crime scene. I attended to the badly injured security guard with chest, neck and back injuries. It was very easy to locate all his info to do the necessary paperwork, as well as summon his employer to the scene as he had his CrisisOnCall armband on his wrist. All medical history, allergies and unknown medical conditions were explained to me by the paramedic on the CrisisOnCall helpline. He even advised me to do a finger glucose test as one of the parents was a diabetic. Once all this info was gathered and Mr X was  bandaged up, even before we could leave for the hospital the IOD ( Injury on duty) papers were completed, “But wait” said the CrisisOnCall Paramedic on the line “You cannot go to Eugene Marais Hospital as they are on full divert for Neurosurgery”. This then prompted us to await clearance from another facility with neurosurgery. The CrisisOnCall help line cleared Meulmed Mediclinic with a Neurosurgeon on standby – How is that for superb service? – Hugo Minnaar (CEO of International Medical Services)

CrisisOnCall arm band prevent tragedy

The following is an extract of Elize Velthuyzen van Zanten’s post on CrisisOnCalls’ Facebook page: "Your excellent institution in all probability prevented a tragedy from occurring. Thank you for excellent service. We found a disorientated old man ( 86 years old) at the bus stop and got the number on his CrisisOnCall armband and managed to get him home safely. Thank you for wonderful service you provide; he had a wallet with lots of money and could easily have fell prey to criminals! "

CrisisonCall Reached the Beeld Newspaper Compliments Column.

My husband and I were involved in an accident. We were in severe shock and my husband recently hand a heart operation. I immediately felt as if I could not breathe.

An ambulance came quickly to our aid. The paramedics needed our medical information. Neither my husband nor I had our medical aid cards with us. We were however wearing our CrisisOnCall armbands. Paramedics obtained all the necessary information from them. Even the hospital received all necessary information in advance,

Many thanks to CrisisOnCall for your support and good service -  Me Anita Coetzee

Man Suffers Heart Attack

I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for the excellent service you have provided. On Friday, my husband suffered a heart attack on a small holding near Wahlmansdal off-ramp.  I phoned the number on my armband for an ambulance. They responded immediately by sending a man to stabilise my husband before the ambulance arrived.
He treated my husband with exceptional empathy; while helping everybody to stay calm under the circumstances.  I would like to say thank you, my husband may not have been with us otherwise. I would also like to thank the person who visited him in ICU, three times.
We are very thankful that we joined CrisisOnCall. – Annatjie
We would also like to thanks Wynand Pretorius, the ALS paramedic from Netcare911 who treated him and regularly visited him in hospital. – CrisisOnCall-management.

(Because CrisisOnCall do not own ambulances, the nearest accredited ambulance service are used to assure timely response.)

We Were First on the Scene!

Tarien Cooks, BLS paramedic, sent us this email:

It is a pleasure to tell about the happenings of Friday night (2 Nov). My husband and I were at home when one of our community members called to tell us about a person on one of the properties that is suffering a heart attack; in the same breath the caller told us the person is wearing a CrisisOnCall armband. We ask for the unique number at the back of the armband and rush to the patient.

On the way to the patient, we called CrisisOnCall. Aileen from the call centre picked up the call. I requested an ambulance then ask for medical information about the patient. This is the first time that I call in this regard, the service and feedback was wonderful!

Aileen phoned back to let us know that the ambulance and paramedics from Netcare911 are on their way already. Somebody on the scene (Annatjie) has already called.

Wynand Pretorius (Advanced life support paramedic) was on the scene shortly after us and started treatment immediately. Wynand asked me to determine from CrisisOnCall if the Zuid-Afrikaanse Hospital, where the patient’s cardiologist is located, has a helipad so that the patient could be flown there. CrisisOnCall determined that the hospital does not have a helipad and found the location of the closest cardiologist.

A cardiologist was found at Montana Hospital which was the closest hospital to the scene. This information was also sourced by CrisisOnCall.

Twice in Collision and Twice Saved by the Armband

This is to say thank you for your prompt service in the last two weeks.

Three of my family members were involved in motorcycle accidents and I can only speak with praise of the good service.

On the 22nd October my son rode his bike in Hatfield, Pretoria where he was involved in an accident. The ambulance was with him in less than 5 minutes. Information via his armband ensured that he was taken to the right hospital. I was informed accordingly.

On 10 November 2012 my youngest boy and husband was involved in an accident in Riviera, Pretoria. My son asked one of the first people that stopped on the scene to call CrisisOnCall. Again the ambulance was on the scene within minutes where they stabilized my son and husband. Your staff phoned me during the course of the day to find out how they were doing after the accident.

It is really pleasing to be a member of such a fantastic organization.

Thanks for the speedy and professional service.
(Dolla Moolman)

(The call centre contacted the closest service provider and ensured that paramedics and the receiving hospital had adequate information about the injured. ER24 and Lifemed Ambulance Service were dispatched, respectively.)

Man Robbed - Armband Saves His Life

My husband is a tour operator and travels a lot. On Friday, January 20th, 2012 he travelled from Pretoria to Johannesburg to collect customers. Just after 08:00 the bus he was driving broke down on DF Malan Drive in Pretoria. He got out to investigate what was wrong. He was at the bridge near the fresh produce market.

Two perpetrators were immediately next to him. They robbed him of his wallet and other valuable items. He tried to jump into the bus whereupon they also tried to climb in. During a scuffle he was bitten and kicked until he was immobilised. A lady from the fresh produce market drove past and saw him lying there. He was very confused and this is where the arm band spoke. Because she knows the CrisisOnCall-identification armband she immediately contacted CrisisOnCall. The ambulance and police were quickly on the scene.

CrisisOnCall provide all the necessary medical information to the paramedics. I was still at home recovering from a shoulder operation. Information was also communicated to me

Herewith my sincere thanks to CrisisOnCall’s prompt and professional actions and the way everything was handled. - Hester Prinsloo.

Paramedic Informed About Child in Vehicle

I am a CrisisOnCall member also and have made use of information of CrisisOnCall members many times before. Therefore I wear my wrist band permanently. On 6 September we were called out to a big accident on the N3 freeway. (A truck has literally driven over a vehicle.) It was clear that the patients were very seriously hurt and we had to do everything to save the person’s life. The scene was chaotic and wreckage was scattered all over the place. I saw the lady’s CrisisOnCall wrist band when I crawled into the wreck. What a relief. The person was unconscious and needed immediate attention from us. My assistant called and they supplied us with the needed information.

The nurse could give me information about medication which helped me not to give the medication which I wanted to administer, because she was allergic to it. We had to make a plan. I could give the patient the best treatment not only because I am trained but also because of the knowledge from the CrisisOnCall emergency staff. It was fantastic. And then the message from CrisisOnCall. They are monitoring the people and there is also a little boy in the vehicle. The fire brigade helped us to look for the boy of 18 months and found him at the back between the wreckage. He was unconscious but alive. It was then that we decided to get the emergency helicopter.

The next problem; the nearest hospital could not take them. The fire brigade supported us all the way because we were busy with patients entrapped in the vehicle. The helicopter did not arrive immediately and there we sat with two patients and one ambulance service. Luckily another paramedic arrived from another ambulance service and CrisisOnCall phoned them as well with needed information about the baby. The two patients were taken to hospital after a lot of action. One by ambulance and the other by air ambulance. I want to thank you CrisisOnCall for the identification system which you have developed. It works and you have helped me today to save two lives. Every person must be a member of CrisisOnCall. It will make life much easier. - Johan Groenewald

Confused Patient at Home

We have just (22 December 2010) attended to a CrisisOnCall member that was found in his house by a neighbour, totally confused. On our arrival we found a possible 3rd degree heart block that required urgent intervention. He luckily had a CrisisOnCall wristband. Our ALS vehicle with Dr Clinton Meyer and myself was on scene within 6 minutes after receiving the call. With the great assistance from John and Sr Nicolette at the call centre we were able to obtain all the patients information and get the medical aid detail as he was not in a position to give it to us.

We were able to locate a private hospital with a cardiologist and took him there for further care. I personally opened the file at the hospital and had Sr Nicolette on the line feeding me with information so that a file could be opened for the patient to be admitted. Please send our gratitude for the friendly and effective service we got from John and Sr Nicolette throughout the case. - Hugo Minnaar (Paramedic and co-owner of IMS)

Man Seriously Hurt in Motorbike Accident

I want to thank everybody who helped my husband during his accident on Monday 20 September 2010. My husband Wickus was in a serious motorbike accident on the N1, just after the N14 off ramp and because of speedy reaction he was air lifted to the Milpark Hospital soon after the accident. I was not present at the scene but colleagues from BMW-On-Call ensured me that my husband was well looked after. My husband is doing fine and his condition is improving by the day.

Thanks once more to the speedy reaction; you have saved my husband’s life!!! – Claudette Ferreira. (According to Sakkie Venter from BMW-On-Call, Wickus Ferreira landed under a truck with his motorbike. He was seriously hurt and could not speak. The paramedic told Sakkie, after Wickus was taken to Millpark Hospital, how lucky he was for wearing the CrisisOnCall wrist band. The paramedic told Sakkie that everybody must join CrisisOnCall and showed him his wrist band.)

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