The importance of a top paramedic service during South Africa’s festive season

Millions of people every year gear up for long trips on South Africa’s roads during the festive season. While most of the country is winding down and preparing for holiday trips, the country’s paramedic services are bracing themselves for the busiest period of their year. South Africa has one of the worst festive season mortality rates in the world. Most accidents are caused by speeding in poor weather conditions, reckless driving and alcohol consumption – increasing the need for effective emergency medical care over this period.

During the period of December 1st 2011 to January 10th 2012 South Africa’s roads claimed a total of 1475 lives in over 1200 fatal crashes. These startling figures indicate that just over 40 people died on our roads every day over that period. These numbers would probably swell to twice that if it wasn’t for the work of dedicated paramedic teams around the country. Properly trained paramedic services along with first class emergency medical care go a long way in ensuring that patients are assessed correctly and stabilised before being transported to hospital.

In the event of a collision on South Africa’s roads over the festive period, a call will be sent out to various medical and emergency services, paramedic services are often the first on the scene. The first thing paramedics will attempt to do is assess injuries and to provide immediate medical care. This includes splinting broken bones, resuscitation as well as the stopping of profuse bleeding. Following this, the team will work to administer any medication that may be necessary. This usually involves administering of pain killing drugs. The stabilisation and transporting of patients is the final step in the paramedic’s job at the scene. Once the patient is properly stabilised he or she will be loaded into an ambulance to be transported to a nearby hospital.

This gruelling job of travelling from accident to accident working on and stabilising severely injured people is never ending over South Africa’s festive season. As the festive season in now fast approaching, paramedic services as well as emergency medical care specialists will be gearing up for the most intense part of the year. With CrisisOnCall at your disposal you have an expert facilitator to assist with all your travel, safety and medical requirements. From insurance, to arranging emergency medical services, to breakdown assistance, to the provision of general information and much more – you can rely on our developed infrastructure and skilled workforce!

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