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Who Needs Legal Advice?

On my way to a meeting I was pulled over by Metro Police at a roadblock. When they scanned my driver’s license I was immediately informed that there was a warrant of arrest issued on my name. I was given an instruction to leave my vehicle on the scene and climb into their bus where a “court was waiting for me”.

I was not aware of any warrant of arrest. I requested to make a phone call and was allowed to do so. I contacted CrisisOnCall and spoke to a very friendly lawyer that promised to help me. He confirmed with me that I was not aware of any warrant of arrest and then requested to speak to the Metro Police Officer. Within a few minutes I was free to go as the lawyer had knowledge about the law which obviously the Metro Police Officer didn’t.

I became a member of CrisisOnCall due to the fact that I travel a lot and always use the trip monitoring. Never did I think that I would need a lawyer. – Gerhard Cloete


We would like to mention that your legal department is most professional! We hat to draw up a new Last Will & Testament…. I contacted them on Monday, spoke to Bianca and all has been sorted. Thank you very much for all the advice and help. – Sylvia-Celliers Nel 

Legal Advice a Winner.

On a Saturday I had to make an urgent sale of my bakkie and due to it being a private sale, I needed a sales agreement fast. One call to CrisisOnCall’s legal department and within 30 minutes I had a signed agreement.

The lawyer asked a few questions over the telephone and sent the agreement to me via email. I completed the agreement and phoned again to ensure that everything is correct.
Even outstanding fines were addressed in the contract. Your own lawyer, 24 hours a day. – Johan Casteleijn

Due to the agreement I was able to avoid legal action as a summons was served on me after the sale. Fortunately I had proof that the vehicle was no longer under my name when the offence occurred.

Contract with Domestic Worker.

I heard that CrisisOnCall’s legal department could assist with contracts regarding a domestic worker. I contacted the emergency number and was patched through to a legal advisor, Paul. He sent me the contract via email including documents relating to the contract. He was very patient and assisted me with everything.

It didn’t cost me a cent extra. When we encountered a problem with our worker we got advice immediately. It was nice speaking to a lawyer that understood the circumstances and that was able to help. His knowledge was top class and he enabled us to make the correct decisions.

Thank you for your fast and efficient help. – Sandra Erasmus

Help at Accident.

I was involved in a collision and the third party was very threatening and unfriendly. I decided to contact CrisisOnCall. The legal department was of great assistance and the third party got a fright when he heard that I was speaking to my lawyer. This call probably saved me a lot of trouble. – Nadia Venter

Problems with my Neighbour.

I am one of the unlucky ones that have a conceited neighbour. He does whatever he wants. My husband tried to speak to him on several occasions but he just kept on doing whatever he wants. His tree sheds leaves in our swimming pool and he built a wall right up against the border.

With no alternative we decided to contact CrisisOnCall and spoke to a legal advisor. He gave us very good advice as well as referred us to a lawyer in our area. The lawyer met with us and sent our neighbour a letter. It really helped.

Our neighbour is now aware of our rights and he rectified everything. Costs? It didn’t cost us a cent. – Alta Jooste

Unlicensed Bumped into my Vehicle.

A young man with an unlicensed vehicle bumped my car in a parking lot at a local supermarket. He drove off but fortunately the car guard managed to get his registration number as he left the scene.

There was a lot of damage and I had to pay an excess fee of R2,500.

I contacted CrisisOnCall’s legal department to find out what I could do. They explained to me how to open a report at the police station as well as how to locate the owner of the vehicle.

I found out that the driver of the vehicle did not have a license and contacted CrisisOnCall again. Your legal advisor explained everything to me and what I could do.

Today I can confirm that the parents of the driver paid my excess to the insurance and I left the rest in the hands of the insurance company. – Riana Van Der Merwe


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