Paramedic Service - We Can Save Your Life

It takes only six minutes for your brain to die. Six minutes, without oxygen or blood is the thin line between life and death. Emergencies can be fatal if a paramedic service is not at the site of an accident as soon as humanely possible. Unforeseen events leading to a serious accident on the road, in your home or at your workplace can have life-changing and tragic consequences. Having well qualified paramedic services at your side is what can make the difference between a tragedy and surviving a disaster, in a way that will allow you to return to your family and friends.

Most emergencies are inherently life threatening. A serious road accident, for example, will require ambulances and paramedics to attend to the injured parties. A paramedic service will administer emergency medical care at the scene until the patient’s condition is stable. In instances where the injured party must be taken to hospital immediately, time, once again, is of the essence. If the injuries are so serious as to warrant specialized trauma treatment, an air evacuation facility is required.

Accurate medical insurance information will ensure the patient is taken to a facility that will accept and tend to the person immediately. Paramedic services that include this information have saved lives where a delay could have proved to be fatal.

A reputable paramedic service should provide:

  • Speedy response and attendance at the scene
  • Availability of up-to-date medical history to facilitate expert emergency care
  • Speedy transfer of patients to hospitals covered by their insurance

This kind of service will speak for you when you cannot speak for yourself.

When choosing a paramedic service provider, choose one that puts you first.

Because we really care, Crisis on Call has devised a fail-safe way of effective identification of unconscious patients that will link you quickly to your medical information in an emergency. Because we care, our medical insurance information will be instantly available as well as your up-to-date personal medical history that will include your preferences in terms of resuscitation, life support and organ donation.

Crisis on Call will save the time that will save your life. We will facilitate the very best paramedic service available in life-threatening medical emergencies. Call us now, and find out more about our comprehensive range of services.


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