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Flat tyre!

On Monday, 29th March 2014, I called CrisisOnCall.
My car had a flat tyre due to a pothole in Bryanstan. The lady quickly transferred my call to Barry from EuropAssist. He confirmed all my details as well as the address of where I was, promising to call me back with details of how long it would take for someone to arrive to assist me. At 15:04, he called to say that TeamOne from EuropAssist were on their way to assist me and that they would be there within 20 minutes.

At 15:26, Richard phoned me to confirm the nearest street number and they arrived within five minutes. Within 15 to 20 minutes, I was roadworthy again and on my way to Centurion.

We’re living in a time where bad service has become

“acceptable”. Or the “norm” In spite of the situation I found myself in, it was a pleasure to experience such professional and competent service.

Keep it up! It gives our entire family, peace of mind, knowing that CrisisOnCall is busy tending to mom’s problem- Almarie Kruger- Conradie

Excellent roadside assistance to the stranded elderly

On Friday, 13 December 2013, after a lovely week in Dikololo, the four of us were happily traveling home.

And then it happened. . . No clutch! Then the age old question . . . what now? We were on the Mabopane highway, about 3km from our home in Amandasig Retirement Village.
I cannot tell you how relieved I was when I looked down and realized we were all wearing CrisisOnCall arm bands. So CrisisOnCall were immediately called.
We just want to give glory to God and we want to thank- you from the bottom of our hearts for what happened next. . . . Friendliness and caring from each person we spoke to. Needless to say, it was very hot on the side of the road and vehicles were driving past at scary speeds . . . and no one stopped to offer help.

Help arrived within 45 minutes, just as CrisisOnCall had promised. My grandchildren’s summary of events was. . . That’s the friendliness tow truck uncle and helper”
Thank- you for your friendliness and for the beautiful key rings from XXX Towing that the grandchildren received.
And off our car went to the ‘hospital’ of our choice. Talk about peace of mind.

Thank- you CrisisOnCall for being with us and continuing to be there for us- Lainie Gouws

Vehicle Break Down on Dangerous Road

I want to thank you that you have saved my life when I had a breakdown on the R21 last night. I fetched my sister from Canada, at the airport and she couldn’t believe the professionalism of the people who helped us. She thought that we were going to die along the road. A lady by the name of Lettie at the control centre helped us. I could not believe it!! It was dangerous and the police even came and stayed with us until the tow-in vehicle arrived. Everything went so smooth. I expected the worst. I am a realist and last night I have experienced the opposite: good service, sincere police, honest tow-in truck service and people who care in case of an emergency.

I was always proud of CrisisOnCall but last night was my first emergency. I don’t think that people realise the advantage of having one number to dial in a complicated situation. - Colonel PJ (Bobby) Keller.

Vehicle Break Down on When Your Vehcile Breaks Down Just Before New Year in the Country Side

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff for the excellent support I received lately, especially Laverne and Stanley. On Monday 30 December 2002, I was on the road from Ashton to Swellendam when my car broke down about 30km outside Swellendam.

I phoned CrisisOnCall and spoke to Laverne. She then phoned back within a few minutes to confirm that a tow truck was arranged who were on the scene within 20 minutes.Laverne then voluntarily contacted me several times to inquire if everything was under control and whether there was something else that she could possibly help with.

After several attempts to repair my vehicle I decided to take it back to Pretoria.The first quote I got was R 9,000.00. I called CrisisOnCall and Stanley undertook to get a better quote on my behalf.

Stanley phoned back within 30 minutes. His quote was R 2,300.00 to tow the vehicle to a dealer in Pretoria.I received regular calls from Laverne and Stanley to find out if everything is in order and also to give us the assurance that everything is arranged.

The towing cost to Swellendam and our stay in a guesthouse at Swellendam was paid for by CrisisOnCall as part of the auto benefit.

To sum up I would like to mention that in today's times where prompt service and dedication is so taboo as snow in the Karoo, my family and I were very impressed and satisfied with the service we had from CrisisOnCall. – David en Theresa van der Merwe

Assistance to Singer

I would like to give you feedback about your wonderful company "CrisisOnCall". On 8 November 2011 late afternoon I was on the way from Johannesburg to Pretoria. Just when it started to get dark my car broke down on the N14 - where a Good Samaritan who wanted to help a motorist that was shot the previous day. I must admit that I was very distressed! I phoned CrisisOnCall and they reassured me and said that they would send someone immediately to help me.

Within minutes the towing service arrived and had my car and I loaded on the tow truck and we were on our way to Pretoria. What a wonderful feeling it was to know that there was someone to help me! But that's not all - they took my car to a safe place for the night AND the next morning my car to a dealer that had it repaired!

It didn’t cost me a cent, and the peace of mind that went with it, was worth gold for me. I just want to thank you for your prompt and professional service - to be part of CrisisOnCall was the best decision I have ever taken! You are tops!!!! Tiro (Singer and TV personality)

Handicapped Helped in the Country

A short letter to thank you for an amazing organization like CrisisOnCall. I really do not know what I would have done without you. We were on our way home in the early morning hours, from Thabazimbi. (I was broadcasting until midnight.) It is our custom to check the fuel level before we leave. The gauge registered a quarter.

Our shock was great when we came to a standstill about 11km from the town with no petrol left in the tank. It was dark and on top of that, I am confined to a wheelchair. Only one solution, phone CrisisOnCall. Anna and Wayne came to our rescue. Not only did they phone the police to come to our aid, but they also dispatched a tow-in service that quickly appeared on the scene.  Speedy service was the order of the night! On top of that, Wayne phoned every ten minutes to find out if we were safe. We feel that these two people really went the extra mile for us. In today’s society, it is a special sort of experience which can only be accomplished by extra-special people!
Without CrisisOnCall and their co-workers, I don’t know where we would have found help. No words can express how deeply we appreciate your assistance. One word sums the situation up inadequately, but it certainly reflects how we feel about the service: FANTASTIC!  - Tobie Lombard

Flat Tyre on Dangerous Spot

On 30 July 2008 I got a flat tyre in Silverton close to the train tracks. I was afraid to get out, as a person nowadays you do not know who you can trust and who not.

 I called CrisisOnCall and asked for assistance. Morné who handled my call was very professional. He asked me where I was and if I was in a safe place. I told him that I would prefer not to climb out of the vehicle unnecessarily, because I was standing next to a railway. It was not 5 minutes, and then he called me back and said that Flite Roadside Assistance was going to help me. He also said that he will contact me till they are there to help me. I have received 3 calls from Morné. Flite was with me within 15 minutes. They quickly changed the flat tyre. Many thanks for the fast, friendly and professional service I received. - Petro Dercksen

Assistance When Child's Vehicle Broke Down

We would just like to take the opportunity to say thank you for your help when our child's car broke down. It was not the first time that you helped us with her car, but once again your service was quick, professional and from the top shelf. The person who helped us came back almost immediately with the information and how long it will take more or less for the towing service to reach us. The person phoned back later to see if the towing service arrived and helped us. We cannot thank you enough. Keep it up. Again many, many thanks that you are there when you need it.  - Fanie Drotsky

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