The service is provided to roadworthy cars only and which cars are registered with Auto Assist. (Vehicles must thus be listed for roadside assist)

Commercial vehicles are excluded from the service.

A valid credit card will be required by the vehicle rental company, in the event that the option of a rental vehicle is selected.


The costs of repairs including parts, batteries, locks and keys are not covered.

Should a service provider other than one on Auto Assist’s panel be arranged to tow in the car by the person in control of the car, such costs will not be covered.

Cover for tow-in is not provided where a car has been involved in an accident. (Damage irrupted from hitting a pot hole are considered as an accident and must be covered by short term insurance. Telephone assistance, however is provided.

Cover for locksmiths is not provided where cars have been attempted to be stolen or hi-jacked and neither where keys of cars are locked in anywhere else apart from the car.

Should misuse be made of the service by repeated similar requests, the availability of the service in respect of the car will, at the discretion of CrisisOnCall, be suspended or cancelled.

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