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A serious accident occurs while on holiday

Monja Saayman writes the following, “We were on our way back from Uitenhage to Krugersdorp on the 4th of January 2014; we received trip monitoring from our contact, Rita (a lovely lady)

On our way to Middleburg, 46km out of Graaff-Reinet, an oncoming vehicle landed in front of us. It was a huge crash, we went right through them and our car rolled several times. It was an absolute miracle, right from the hands of God that we (myself, my husband, Frikkie, my son, Duncan and his fiancé, Estie) that we survived the accident. Unfortunately five of the six passengers in the other vehicle passed away.

Wonderful angels (members of the public) were immediately at the scene of the accident. We asked, “Please phone the number on our arm bands” I believe they did phone and it was also time for Rita to call us again, so while I was lying on my back, we chatted. She called my sister in law and still keeps contact to this day about our wellbeing.

We first went to Graaff-Reinet and then to Greenacres Hospital in Port Elizabeth. The one paramedic, John Tenevhet, came to our car and looked inside and said “Praise the Lord”, and then we knew we were in good hands.

Estie was air lifted by a Fix wing air ambulance to Port Elizabeth and also received excellent medical care.

On Saturday, the 11 January we needed transport from Greenacres Hospital to Port Elizabeth Airport. Erika from your call centre arranged everything. “I felt like I had nothing to worry about”. She confirmed with the ambulance (Traumanet) that they would be ready to take us right up to the aeroplane.

We want to say, heart full thanks for the excellent service and genuine care- everyone feels like old friends!”

What happened behind the scenes?

• CrisisOnCall received a call from the public and immediately dispatched out emergency service provider from Graaff-Reinet to the accident scene.
• In the meantime Rita from the call centre contacted Monja to access the extent of the situation.
• Medical information was given to the Ambuhelp ambulance services by the call centre.
• Communication between the call centre and Ambuhelp ambulance services continued.
• According to their injuries the paramedics on call decided to send the patients to Port Elizabeth.
• One person had to be airlifted. Aerocare was activated from Bloemfontein and fetched the patient at the Graaff-Reinet airport and flew her to Port Elizabeth. (Her transport form the hospital to the airport and again in Port Elizabeth from the airport to the hospital was also arranges and coordinated)
• Correspondence between Areocare, the call centre and Traumanet continued.
• There was also communication between Ambuhelp ambulance services and the hospital in Port Elizabeth to ensure the time of arrival of the patient.
• Next of kin where also informed of the situation at all times.
• Follow up communication from the call centre was also done.
• Instructions were also given on how to get the patient from Port Elizabeth to the airport.
• Contact from the call centre is still kept between the people involved.
• The holistic operation of the total incident by CrisisOnCall ensured that everything ran perfectly well and that the patients got to the right hospital and received the correct medical care.

CrisisOnCall brings Carolina to a standstill

CrisisOnCall made the headlines of the Kontrei Gazette in the Carolina district under the heading “CrisisOnCall and ER24 Tree Flink en Vinnig op” The article highlights the following story:

It was an extra ordinary day for the family of Pieter Taute from Carolina on the 2 July 2013. The day started out as normal but as the day progressed Mr Taute suffered two strokes. The local doctor acted quickly. When it became apparent that Mr Taute’s medical aid would not consent to him being transported to a private hospital, CrisisOnCall was contacted as the family have been members since 2010.

Dr Steenberg immediately explained Mr Taute’s condition to CrisisOnCall. Thereafter CrisisOnCall took over the situation and made the necessary arrangements to have an ambulance from ER24 sent from Middleburg and the contacted the family every five minutes with advice and support.

The paramedics accessed Mr taute’s condition and were concerned that he would not survive the trip to Pretoria by road, where he needed to be treated, urgently. CrisisOnCall immediately arranged for a medical evacuation helicopter with on-board doctor, to transport mr. Pieter to be treated at a private hospital in Pretoria. His son parked the tractor in an open area for the Helicopter to see and land where it is safe.

Mom gets stroke
Friday, January 31, 2014, my mother and I were sitting and chatting in her living room. Suddenly she stopped talking and her face pulled funny on the right hand side. Her right hand also hung limp and I realised she had a stroke. I immediately dialled CrisisOnCall’s emergency number. I can only say thank you for the prompt, professional and compassionate assistance Hannalie and the other people at the service centre gave us. As well as thank you to the paramedics from ER24! Within an hour my mother was in the hospital and stabilised and is doing very well

Thank guys – I recommended that all my friends and family become members!

You have taken one of the worst events in our lives and helped make it bearable – Alana Bailey

Accident In Karoo - Woman Air Lifted

It was wonderful to drive to the Cape with CrisisOnCall contacting us on an hourly basis. We were involved in a head-on collision on 12th December outside of Leeu-Gamka.

I can tell you, at that moment you forget everything. I only came to my senses when Deon of CrisisOnCall phoned me with trip monitoring a few minutes later. CrisisOnCall then took control of everything. My wife, Rynet, was hurt, and on the recommendation of the doctor at the hospital in Beaufort-West, flown by the plane sent by you to Cape Town. She suffered from internal injuries, and broke a vertebra in her back. Our two-year old was also slightly injured. My son
 I was not injured.

Thank you so much for the good service and attitude.” - Kean Pienaar 

(Picture: Kean Pienaar)

(Kean also informed us by telephone how police had to keep bystanders away from their personal belongings. Another proof that patients are sometimes robbed at accident scenes.)

Teacher and Children Critically Injured

The Beeld newspaper of 6 May 2010 reported that a Teacher’s leg had to be amputated after an accident between Thabazimbi and Bela-Bela (Warmbaths) when the school mini-bus they were traveling in, lost control.

“She had to swerve suddenly for an oncoming truck and collided with a tree. Some of the pupils in the bus were also critically injured.”

She suffered a traumatic amputation of her leg in the accident and it was crucial to get her to an appropriate hospital quickly. Due to the fact that she was a member of CrisisOnCall, paramedics could quickly obtain key information about her as well as her daughter. She was stabilised on the scene by local service providers and rushed off to a private hospital in Bela-Bela. Later that night she was airlifted to a hospital in Pretoria for further medical care.

Paramedics explained that it was a chaotic incident due to multiple casualties and information that was not readily available.

Some of the children were members of CrisisOnCall and had their armbands on them at the time. Due to their armbands, paramedics were able to adequately identify them and contact their parents. Information was delayed about those that did not have any identification as information had to be obtained via the school.

Follow Up: “I would like to convey my sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the effort you have done for me and the kids during the accident, as well as all the prayers. It’s going much better! Thank you for your hard work!” – Celia Schoeman (Celia is now back at school)

Service Provider: Tromar EMS & Rescue. She was airlifted by NetCare911

Vehicle Drive Over Man

My husband MW van der Merwe, and I, would like to thank CrisisOnCall for the professional and excellent service we received. We were on holiday at Morgan’s Bay on the Eastern Cape. On May 3, 2012, we spent the day at Kei Mouth and headed back to Morgan’s Bay, my husband had an accident when he fell of a moving vehicle and landed underneath the vehicle. The vehicle drove halfway over his left side.

I was terribly frightened; he bled a lot and could not breathe. I immediately contacted CrisisOnCall.

Jackie from the Medical department assisted me very nicely. She immediately arranged an ambulance that did not take long to arrive.

I also spoke with Alicia at CrisisOnCall and she told me how I could help my husband. She called me back often to enquire about my husband's condition and advised me on how I should handle the situation and how I could try to calm my husband. She stayed in contact with me until the ambulance arrived, where they then took over.

We were taken by ambulance to St Dominique's Hospital in East London. My husband was seriously injured.

I would just like to thank Jackie and Alicia for all their help and assistance - Alicia still contacted me until Tuesday, May 8th to hear how my husband and I was doing. It meant the world for us.

Your service is excellent and is always there when you need it. We always use trip monitoring when we travel long distances, and when we were on holiday in the Eastern Cape.

Again many, many thanks for everything and we are proud to be part of such a great team. - Elmien van der Merwe

(Service provider: Alderson Ambulance Service)

You Saved My Husband's Life!

“I would like to thank you very much for your outstanding service”.
When Harry had a heart attack the evening of 28 November 2012, it was approximately 9:30pm when I called you.  Things were very confusing.  Thank you for keeping me calm on the phone while I waited for the ambulance to arrive and for explaining to me what to do to make him more comfortable.  He was very restless and was sweating profusely. The last call I received from you was when my neighbour and I arrived at the hospital.

The nursing sister at the Vereeniging Mediclinic even mentioned that this was the quickest she had ever seen an ambulance arrive at the hospital (10 minutes).

I did not realise that his medication was finished and that he had not used it for a while.  It looked like the paramedic was familiar with these arm bands because when I was permitted to see him in casualties it was clear that someone had looked at his arm band because it was hanging on a thread.  He had looked like a Smurf – completely blue.  This arm band saved his life.  Paramedics were just in time at the hospital.  They had to shock him three times and performed chest compressions.

 Thank you to each and every one of you for outstanding service.  They were able to put him on the correct medicine immediately.  If it wasn’t for your outstanding service, he would not be here today.  The sister even mentioned that I was unusually calm.  Thank you for that too.  Yes, I stared death in the eyes with the death of my 18 year old daughter.  It is such a pity that we weren’t members of CrisisOnCall at that time because the ambulance on that day took very long to arrive.  I could rest in peace knowing I had you just a phone call away.  I was not alone.
I would just like to say thank you very much for the personalised service you provide.  It was as if I was speaking with a family friend.  It felt as though you were feeling everything I was feeling.  Thank you for that.

Blessings to all at CrisisOnCall.  I wish I could tell everyone in our country to become members.” - Rosa Ellis
Service provider: ER24.

When Everything Goes Wrong!

A month after my wedding, my father was in a serious accident near Vaalwater.

I got a call late afternoon, from a strange person who let me know that my father was in a very serious accident. Someone took him to a hospital.

My husband and I immediately drove to Vaalwater. Driving there I called CrisisOnCall and told them what had happened and that we had no idea where exactly he was at that moment. They called us back and said they managed to track him in a local hospital. CrisisOnCall called all the way and asked if everything was all right and calmed me the whole time.

When we arrived at the State Hospital in question I nearly lost my senses to first see how my dad looked and secondly found that they had done nothing for him. I immediately phoned CrisisOnCall again and an ambulance was arranged for my father to be transferred to Pretoria.

Midnight that night my father received treatment for the first time. (The hospital did nothing - not even x-rays) After CrisisOnCall arrived, for the first time my father was helped, given medication and a neck brace around his neck and his wounds cleaned.

When we arrived at Montana hospital, they were clearly ready to deal with my dad. At four o'clock in the morning we finally arrived home. When we went back to the hospital they informed us that my father’s neck was broken.

During all this drama my car broke down twice in the same month. It all just got too much for me to handle and again I contacted CrisisOnCall – their assistance was great.

On the third night after my dad was discharged from hospital, something happened with him and I called CrisisOnCall in the middle of the night. They helped again.

What a November Month! If not for CrisisOnCall I would not have known what to do. Some days I was so discouraged, but CrisisOnCall was there to assist my family every time. I just really want to thank you for assisting us as well as your friendly and prompt service.

When we asked for help the staff was always more than willing to help. - Sune du Preez

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