Seat Belt Safety Fatcs

How many of us are in a hurry to leave for work every day, starting the ignition, zooming away and cursing the traffic signals? We do not forget to put on some music, or check out the news, or even set an appointment through our cellphones - all the while driving our car. However, most of us tend to forget to wear our seat belts, which are nothing short of our life saviours. Do you complain of seat belts being uncomfortable and troublesome? Then take a look at the following seat belt safety facts that will help you know the importance and reasons to wear a seat belt.

Seat Belt Facts

If you are keen, and look for methods for driving safety, then no other equipment or product is as helpful or beneficial as the seat belt. Due to this very reason, nearly all cars, sedans or automobiles in the world have a seat belt. Wearing a seat belt while driving is also compulsory in nearly all the parts of the world for safety reasons. Let us now take a look at the seat belt safety facts.

  • The high profile death of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Fayed, is an excellent example of the effect caused due to speeding in a car without wearing a seat belt. The only person wearing a seat belt was Diana's bodyguard who survived the crash.
  • Seat belts reduce the risk of injuries or risk of critical injuries by 50%. Specially, those in the front seat can avoid the risk of getting seriously injured, if they wear seat belts.
  • Among most of the car crashes experienced all over the world, nearly 50% of them could have been prevented, if people wore their seat belts.
  • Seat belt safety is for drivers as well as passengers. Shockingly, it has been found that 6 out of every 10 children, all over the world, who died in car accidents could have been saved, if they had been wearing seat belts.
  • When talking of the safety belt myths and facts, people often reason that air bag equipped vehicles do not require seat belts. This is untrue. Although an air bag supports the body (mainly the chest), a seat belt actually prevents the person from slipping from his seat and bumping on the dashboard.
  • Seat belts save us from being thrown in the front or even at the sides due to the jerk or inertia.
  • Seat belts help in distributing the shock, caused due to instant braking or inertia, over the entire body. This helps in prevention of acute and critical injuries.
  • Most people complain of the rear seat belt being uncomfortable. However, most manufactures are nowadays providing safe and comfortable rear seat belts.
  • Old and improper fitting seal belts should be replaced, as an improper seat belt is of no use and cannot prevent any injury in case of acrash.
  • Wearing seat belts is mandatory in many parts of the world. Awareness should be created among people to understand its importance.
  • Lastly, on a happier note, it is found that nearly 60% of the population in the world wears seat belts, which is higher as compared to the previous decade.


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