The Solution

The solution to various issues created a demand for a one-stop service for South Africans. The CrisisOnCall services include: a national crisis line that link the caller to the police, fire brigade, various private ambulance services (costs will be paid by CrisisOnCall), vehicle recovery services, etc. Critical medical information (medical aid information, allergies, etc) is also available to support paramedics with life saving information, when needed. General medical information regarding medical conditions such as malaria and AIDS and telephonic trauma counselling is also available. Other services like telephonic legal assistance are also available.

In consultation with trauma doctors, paramedics and trauma sisters, a unique identification system aimed at providing lifesaving information to medical personnel in situations where a person is unable to communicate, has been developed. Services are managed via a call centre that channels all calls for assistance to the correct people or service provider, countrywide. One of the biggest advantages of the emergency medical evacuation system of CrisisOnCall is the fact that various private service providers all over the country are used. This in effect means that the nearest service provider to the emergency situation will be activated, while life saving information will be regularly communicated to the service provider and hospital. All costs up to arrival at the hospital will be covered by CrisisOnCall (members and their nominated families only).

Trauma Units and paramedics share the same view point, each and every South-African should be part of CrisisOnCall.

CrisisOnCall is available to all its members 24/7/365.

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