Telephonic Medical Advice

Turpentine Over Son

A bottle of turpentine has fallen on my son when he was in the garage climbing into a closet.

I was hysterical and immediately contacted CrisisOnCall. Sister Leonie has calmed me down and gave good advice. I was especially worried about the turpentine that spilled into his eyes. Your helpline has assisted us very well. Leonie is great!

I was really surprised when I received a follow-up call to ensure that everything is going well.

CrisisOnCall give me and my family peace of mind. – Maritza van Deventer (George)

Man Suffering Heart Attack

While at home my husband started to feel not well and I contacted CrisisOnCall to speak to one of the nurses. She immediately determined that he might suffer from a heart attack and gave me telephonic advice until the ambulance arrived.

They really assisted me; due to an eye problem I could not drive to the hospital. They even made sure that he went to a hospital where a cardiologist was on call in the evening. Thank you CrisisOnCall. The paramedics managed to stabilise my husband in such a way that he suffered no permanent damage. Thank you for CrisisOnCall’s quick response. – Tineke Brooks

Telephonic Advice and Support with Ill Child

Angelique arrived home from school on Friday and complained of pain in her left side and she was running a temperature. I gave her a tablet for the pain and fever and sent her to bed.  Later that evening she woke up crying inconsolably and started vomiting. Immediately I remembered only one number.

Telephonic advice was given till the ambulance arrived. The paramedic was worried about the blood pressure that was so high and decided to take her straight to the hospital. He made her feel better immediately and his communication to my child was excellent. She knew what was going to happen to her and she didn’t need to be afraid.
When arriving at the hospital I didn’t need to complete one single form. They took me straight to my child. When the doctor started to ask me questions I was dumb founded and I couldn’t remember. I cannot even remember her birth date. And can you believe it, the ambulance man is here again and he answers all the doctors’ questions just like he wants to know. Even the medical aid number is available, since I forgot it at home. (He told me later that he received all the information from CrisisOnCall)

Angelique is at home and we still receive regular calls from CrisisOnCall to follow-up on her condition and if they can help with anything. One would say this is CrisisOnCall’s child.  
THANK YOU CrisisOnCall YOU ARE WONDERFUL. - Riana Heystek (Letter shortened

Quick Action Saves a Life

On Sunday morning my husband fell in the kitchen and hit his head. Afterwards he was lying very still. I immediately contacted CrisisOnCall and they immediately dispatched an ambulance while obtaining information about his condition. He was dead!

CrisisOnCall contacted my neighbours. Fortunately their son knew how to do first aid and gave my husband mouth to mouth. Shortly thereafter he started breathing again. The ambulance personnel arrived quickly and rushed him off to hospital where he recovered.

Thank you CrisisOnCall. When we heard about you over the radio, we decided to become members and use the Trip Monitoring. Never did we know it would save my husband’s life. – Bertha Greyling

Palpitations Forces me to Seek Advice

On Thursday evening I woke up with sever palpitations. After a while it disappeared and I slept further.

Just before 1am I suddenly experienced palpitations again and decided to wake my wife. 30 minutes later and it did not go away. At about 2am I decided to call CrisisOnCall. I spoke to sister Loraine and she asked me a lot of questions. How does my arm feel, do I feel pressure on my chest etc.

During our conversation I mentioned to her that I suffered back pain and took Advil IB. She said to me that she would like to check something about the pills. And it is then that she read it to me, that one of the side effects of this drug is palpitations. She gave me some advice and asked if she could phone me back within 20 minutes. She phoned back and my wife told her that I was much calmer. I went back to bed and had a good night’s rest. Saturday morning I received a call from Alicia to find out how I am doing. Now this is service!

Needless to say, I did not use the pills again and my back pain was gone. The advice from your staff to sleep with a small pillow between my knees, alleviated the back pain. The pills are now packed away.

Thank you, you saved my life. Now I can sleep easier and feel healthier.

Many thanks. – Manie Jansen and Louise

Sick girl gets help

My daughter, Hanica started getting diarrhoea on Thursday night. Friday morning, I took her to the Polio clinic close by. After a long wait, they sent us to the paediatric department. They gave her some polio drops, a measles injection a multivitamin and cough mixture.

Hanica was still sick by late afternoon. I decided to call CrisisOnCall for help. While I got telephonic advice for dealing with Hanica, they sent an ambulance.

They called me regularly to see how Hanica is doing and if the ambulance has arrived.

The ambulance arrived in short order. They worked very well with Hanica and took Hanica and me to the Pretoria-West hospital.

Thanks to their help, Hanica is doing well. Thanks again for your help and excellent service from the ambulance service.
Hannetjie Roos

(Children are special and should be treated quickly to avoid permanent damage - CrisisOnCall)

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