Trip Monitoring

Excellent service during the holidays!

Our fantastic holiday experience was as a result of your compassion and reassurance. Rita and Deon assisted us with our trip monitoring when we travelled to the West coast for my son’s wedding. They also assisted when we were on our way back. Thank you Rita and Deon! Initially we decided to drive straight through to our destination, but due to a few stops we decided to contact CrisisOnCall at about 20:30. We asked if CrisisOnCall could assist us with accommodation in Laingsburg. Two minutes later we were contacted and informed that a guesthouse was able to assist us. We managed to get a good night’s rest before we took on the road again. While in the Cape, a few kids stormed my daughter when they saw her CrisisOnCall armband. They immediately said that they also belong to the “blue armband gang”. She decided to take a photo and share it with the team from CrisisOnCall. While on holiday, a friend phoned me and said that she is experiencing a burning pain on her leg. We were worried that it could be a blood clot. I have been trying to convince her to join CrisisOnCall for some time now. Nevertheless, I contacted CrisisOnCall and they immediately dispatched an ambulance to her location. She was admitted to hospital and currently doing very well.
Thank you for your excellent service and may your team be blessed in 2014. (Karen Zeelie, Radio Presenter, Radio Pretoria)

Fantastic trip monitoring

I hereby want to thank CrisisOnCall for their excellent service. At the beginning of December, I travelled to the Cape with my family and contacted you for trip monitoring. I requested to be called every hour and that is precisely what they did. I was pleasantly surprised to see how much you cared. My cell phone battery was flat on the day we arrived at the Karoo National Park and I left it in the caravan on charge. I completely forgot to inform you that we had arrived safely. After an hour I returned to my cell phone and there were numerous missed calls and sms’s from CrisisOnCall looking for me. CrisisOnCall eventually contacted me through a next of kin.

On our return trip from the Cape to Secunda in January, I requested the trip monitoring service again and was again contacted every hour.

It was really so reassuring to know that there was someone out there looking out and caring for us and to know that if something went wrong, you were only a phone call away.

I’d like to re-illiterate my appreciation for making us feel so reassured. Thank you to every lady and gentleman that contacted us, ensuring our safe arrival.- Lance Batts

Trip monitoring while watching beautiful flowers in Namakwaland!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank CrisisOnCall for their outstanding trip monitoring support that we received during our last vocation. This year my mother of 82 and I decided to go and see the flowers in Namakwaland on the West Coast. (Rita and Deon called us promptly every day from the call centre) Wow, it is indeed excellent service!
On Monday, the 19th August we went via Zeerust and Upington. It was so reassuring to know we would be called every hour. Often we were the only car on the road but we never felt unsafe as we knew that CrisisOnCall knew exactly where we were all of the time.
On Wednesday we drove to Springbok. We decided on the spur of the moment to go to Augrabies. There again we were not alarmed as CrisisOnCall picked up that we had turned off. As we got closer to Springbok we got the latest weather updates from Rita. We also received the latest updates to where other members had seen flowers in that area.

After a few days we requested trip monitoring again from Montagu to Beaufort West via Route 62. There again we decided on the spur of the moment not to use the N1.
After 4,500km it really started to feel that we had taken CrisisOnCall with us on holiday, we only wished that we were able to show them the lovely places that we had visited!
We really want to say thank-you to the entire team at CrisisOnCall for the unbelievable good service that we always receive. We have been members of CrisisOnCall for many years now and would never think of cancelling our membership.
(Letter shortened)

A Kudu Bull Jumps in Front of a Vehicle

We left Jeffery’s Bay at 22h30 on 01 January 2012 and made our way back to Pretoria.  We asked for trip monitoring.  Wayne called us every hour.  It was approximately 01h00 in the morning and approximately 4 kilometres from Jansenville when a large kudu bull appeared in front of our vehicle.  The car was very badly damaged and my husband was unconscious.
My first thought was to phone CrisisOnCall.  While I was busy with my telephone, Wayne had called on our other phone to fulfil his trip monitoring call.  I was able to relay what had happened to him.  He said I should leave everything up to him and that he would contact the police and arrange for an ambulance to come to the scene.  While I was waiting for the police and the ambulance, CrisisOnCall repeatedly contacted me to check whether the police or ambulance service had arrived.  A short while later the police and ambulance arrived.  Wayne continued to stay in contact with me.  My husband was taken to a hospital in Jansenville and from there was transferred to Green Acres Hospital in Port Elizabeth.  Wayne continued to contact me during this time and wanted to make sure that I was safe and wanted to know if there were any further developments regarding my husband.

I would like to thank Wayne from the bottom of my heart for his quick responses, his significant contributions to ensure I was taken care of.  Thank you to CrisisOnCall and their team for their involvement.  Without you, we would have been stranded, especially as it was dark and we were in a foreign place.  The Lord will bless you -


Abie and Betsie Oosthuizen

Detour Saves Time with Trip Monitoring

We would like to express our thanks to CrisisOnCall that assisted us with trip monitoring while we traveling between Rustenburg and Durban. We were two women and had two small children with us. On our return the N1 was closed just before Mooi River as a result of an accident. Deon informed us that there was a detour and he will be able to guide us through it. Every hour he contacted us and confirmed that we were still on track. At one stage we turned back onto the N3. When he contacted us again we told him that we were about 20 minutes away from home and he said that he will contact us back within 30 minutes to make sure we were safe.

Fantastic service and thank you for the conversations which made the road so much shorter.
Many thanks CrisisOnCall – Daleen Swart

Tottally Lost

A while ago I went to Margate, when CrisisOnCall phoned me and gave me the relevant information on trip monitoring. When we came back I left the GPS in the boot of my car because I had driven this route for many years and know the trip home. 
Just outside of Johannesburg, we took the incorrect off-ramp due to road works. The result was that we found ourselves on the other side of Johannesburg.  At this time CrisisOnCall phoned.  The phone call I was expecting.

I told the gentleman that I could not speak now because I am lost!  He then asked me where I was.  At this point he informs me that I should take the next onramp to turnaround.  He telephonically guided me on to the correct path.

I never expected this type of help.  He was calm and patient and simply guided us to where we should be. - Sarie S van Heerden

CrisisonCall Does it Again

Again we were on holiday in Jeffrey Bay from 1 December to 10 January. (Last year you helped us when a Kudu jumped into our vehicle.)
Firstly we would like to thank you for the agents that monitored us frequently while traveling. On December 1 I spoke to Baron just after 04:20 and he kept on contacting us to find out if we were still safe. Until seven that evening Raynard contacted us and then Kalla took over. We arrived at home half an hour later and Kalla contacted us again to find out if everything was fine. It just goes to show how fantastic CrisisOnCall is.

During our travel, the collision with the Kudu kept on running through our heads, but fortunately we had calm voices on the other side of the phone looking after us. So if you have a problem you can phone CrisisOnCall and they are there to give you advice or assist you.

God bless your team for the fantastic work that you do – Abie & Betsie Oosthuizen

My Daughter Travelled Safely

My daughter is a first year at the Pukke in Potchefstroom. She drives every second weekend to us and then back home on Sunday. Our membership with CrisisOnCall enabled us to make us of the trip monitoring service. She calls promptly when she is in Potchefstroom and again when she drives back on Sundays. She was contacted every hour by one of your staff to ensure that she was still traveling safely.

On one Friday she was informed that there was a huge storm in Randfontein and it might take some extra time to travel. She requested CrisisOnCall to inform us. We were very surprised when we received a phone call from CrisisOnCall informing us that she would be a little bit late.

Every time her phone rang at home it was the closing call to make sure that she arrived safely. Thank you very much. - Petra and Sarel van Staden

Travelling Through a Dangerous Area

I am a financial adviser with Old Mutual and I spend an incredible amount of time on the road. This is one of the main reasons why I joined CrisisOnCall. I also have a wife, three children and two grandmothers. I was on leave for a few days last week and heard on the news that at Diepsloot in Johannesburg there were serious taxi violence and that the road is temporarily closed.

So, Monday I was back at work early in the morning. I urgently needed to travel to Pretoria and the shortest route would obviously be past Diepsloot. At this point I took the decision to call CrisisOnCall and was very happy when someone on the other side, very kindly, gave me the assurance that he will call back with news about the best route to take. Within 2 minutes I received confirmation that the police confirmed that the route past Diepsloot is considered safe.

I take my hat off to CrisisOnCall because about 20 minutes later, my phone rang, 'Good morning Mr. Esterhuizen, This is Emile from CrisisOnCall here, I’m calling just to make sure you drove safely through the area. In my life I have not experienced this type of follow up. Once again I must thank the people from CrisisOnCall! It makes me much more relaxed.

Now I know that if there is a major crisis one day, my family and I will get professional help. - Rick Esterhuizen

Chrildren Safe During the Night

After spending the day at Ushaka Marine World in Durban our children returned to their holiday home in Umdloti, only to realise that the electricity was out due to cable theft. They had a 4 month old baby that needed to be fed.So they decided to return home, since they have to travel far for hot water for the bottles, anyway.Needless to say, she assured me they would use trip monitoring. When they arrived, dead tired, this morning at half past six, her first words were “Gee mother, I don’t know how we could have made it without Chris from CrisisOnCall”

As a mother of two wonderful kids and a grandmother of one grandchild, I have to say this was one of the best decisions I made 10 years ago. Thank you to a team that do their duty with so much compassion. It is encouraging to be able to speak so positively about a company’s quality service delivery, these days.

To all those friends, families, mother, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers who have not yet joined CrisisOnCall; if there is one New Year’s resolution that you can make, that won’t be hard to tick off; it is to join CrisisOnCall immediately. – Retha Westraadt

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