International tourists to South Africa can apply for membership on a short term basis.

We would like to welcome all international tourists to South Africa.

All South Africans would like to unite as a nation and safeguard our tourists to our beautiful country. We want to make sure that you have a safe holiday in South Africa and return safely to your home country.

In South Africa certain things work different than in your country. For example; your Travel Insurance Or as we call it Medical Aid) make provision for access to national private hospitals. To get access to these hospitals you would need to supply them with your Travel Insurance information.

Being in a foreign country you might get lost or need information. You might even want to know about the South African laws as laws differ from country to country. CrisisOnCall would like to support you as our guest while you enjoy South Africa and support your soccer team.

CrisisOnCall have a special benefit package that will really ease your life if the unforeseen happen.
It consists of the following benefits:
• Toll Free Crisis Line
• Trip Monitoring
• Effective Identification
• Important Life Saving Information
• Free Paramedical and Ambulance Services
• Telephonic Medical Advice
• Telephonic Health Advice
• Support in hijack Situations
• Missing persons
• Telephonic Legal Advice

(Read more about the benefits under Products - Products Description or click here for more information:  identification, emergency medical services, emergency medical advice, trip monitoring, and legal advice.

This package is available per person at a very low cost.

Please register your request under Contact Us and we will supply you with more information.

CrisisOnCall is a business partner of Europ Assistance SA.

Enjoy your stay and please visit South Africa, the country of diamonds, nature and hospitality, again.

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