Hassle Free Trip to South Africa with Travel Medical Insurance Facilitation

Whether business or pleasure, planning your trip more thoroughly is increasingly essential in today's dynamic and evolving global village. Technology, fast-paced living - with its undeniable benefits - brings with it more stress. The modern lifestyle is calling us to pay more attention to our health, whether taking care of pre-existing conditions or as a preventative measure it is equally important. This is especially important when travelling overseas. For instance the applicability of travel medical insurance or medical-aid as commonly termed within South Africa has certain parameters and requirements that may be unfamiliar to a foreigner. This pressing need has broadly given rise to specialist organizations offering related services aimed at ensuring that visitors in SA have a pleasant and enjoyable trip - from start to finish.

Understanding Travel Medical Insurance

Before we consider the facilitation of travel insurance and related information let us explore the significance of this type of cover. Essentially as a citizen of a country domestic or standard medical cover affords the individual the privilege of enjoying health care, conditional upon the specific benefits, terms and conditions relating to that insurance provider. The insurance will typically cover the individual domestically only. Even in instances where limited travel insurance is included the cover is extremely restrictive. Hence, when booking flights medical clearance and travel health insurance is a requirement. There are normally two products: the travel medical insurance with small trip cancellation cover and pure trip cancellation insurance. Group travel insurance by booking a collective number of people can produce cost savings.

Support on Your Trip

The above sobers us to some of the complexities of a typically overlooked and seemingly insignificant aspect of travel. Clearly travel insurance is more than a mere checklist item and one can benefit from the skilled and knowledgeable support of domestic specialists when travelling to SA. Surely, it has to be a most painful experience to find yourself or your loved one sick in a foreign land and not know what to do? Let alone be ignorant of the benefits, extent of cover, applicable laws and so forth. Fortunately, there are service providers who are able to provide peace of mind and assist in this particular facet of travel.

Benefits to Note

The services and expertise of the afore-mentioned companies are specialised and comprehensive. They can extend to incorporate the following:

  • Explaining how the law differs in South Africa and how this influences travel medical insurance.
  • Indicating which medical institutes regionally or nationally are connected to the travel health insurance. For instance national private hospitals are accessible.
  • Crisis care and information should the visitor be lost.
  • Assistance and information about the travel health cover, duration, extent and so forth.
  • Packages allowing the visitor various all-inclusive benefits such as:
    • Toll Free emergency line
    • Trip monitoring
    • Cater for positive identification of the visitor
    • Retain critical life saving information
    • Telephonic health related and medical advice
    • Free paramedic / ambulance service
    • Support in hijack situations
    • Assistance with missing persons while travelling
    • Telephonic legal advice

The above undoubtedly highlights the significance of travel medical insurance, as well as the importance of being informed when travelling overseas. Varying legislature, unfamiliar territory, time constraints, safety and security and other limitations can make the experience even more daunting. The helpful and informative assistance of a SA based service provider will go a long way to facilitating travel health insurance claims in the event of the unforeseen or any other unexpected eventualities.


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