Travellers Guide: Travel Medical Insurance

The excitement of travelling abroad for either business or pleasure can often overshadow our concerns about what may happen to us overseas. In today’s unpredictable times as we are confronted with so many social, environmental, safety and health challenges, travel medical insurance is a must for anyone looking to travel abroad. This piece will touch on what travel medical insurance is and how you can benefit from it.

Travel medical insurance simply put, is a short to possibly medium term medical insurance plan that is designed to keep you covered when travelling overseas. Travel medical insurance is often part of a broader travel insurance package, but is arguably the most important feature of the policy. Should you become ill or suffer an injury whilst you are abroad, your insurer will compensate you for your medical treatment as well as surgery and associated costs depending on the type of cover you have.

There can arguably be no worse feeling than travelling to a foreign country and falling ill or getting injured without the proper travel medical insurance. Whether you become infected with a rare disease whilst adventuring in remote parts or you end up in a vehicle collision in the heart of the city, travel medical insurance will keep your medical bills covered.  

There are a host of companies that offer travel medical insurance information, but not all of them can assure you of reliable support, comprehensive cover, and other valuable resources. Shopping around for an insurer is crucial as some companies will have any number of restrictions and limitations. For instance, some will not cover you should be undertaking high risk activities including the likes of white water rafting.

With so many different plans it is important that you not only look at the plan’s benefits and exclusions, but that you look carefully at the plan’s underwriting too. This is where an expert facilitator like Crisis on Call comes in. We are able to help you with all your travel requirements to ensure that every detail is well taken care of. For everything from trip-monitoring, to travel insurance, travel information, roadside assistance, to arranging of emergency services and much more, you can depend on us!

Travel medical insurance information is an absolute must for anyone looking to head overseas. Crisis on Call also offer Europe Assistance in South Africa for peace of mind when traveling in sunny SA! Make sure you are not left regretting your choice on travel medical insurance and other travel needs. Contact us today to benefit from our affordable packages and to find out more.

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