Telephonic monitoring of journey when travelling over a long distance

Client will be contacted regularly during their journey to ensure that they are still safe and on route to their destination.

How safe is it when I travel? Would somebody know if something were to happen to me or my family during the trip?

Articles about people who experience some form of trauma while travelling on the roads, unknown to anybody, regularly appear in the media.

The Beeld of 17 May 2006 contained the following article:

"A lady that was involved in a motor accident close to Kyalami, Johannesburg, was trapped for almost 9 hours in her vehicle before someone noticed her next to the road yesterday morning." She was seriously injured in the accident and was only rescued from the vehicle the next morning after the vehicle was spotted after sunrise and emergency staff coud rescue here.

The trip monitoring service and the identification system of CrisisOnCall will both be of great support when the unforeseen happens to you or your beloved ones.

It is illegal for a driver of a vehicle to talk on a cell phone while driving. The use of an appropriate hands free kit is the responsibility of the driver.

There are a few golden rules when making use of the TRIP MONITORING SERVICE, namely:
• Phone us just before starting the journey.
• Dial 0800 101 911 and do not select any of the options.
• Have your phone with you when travelling and also when stopping along the way.
• Notify the call centre if you decide to change your travel plans while travelling.
• Keep the following information at hand when requesting trip monitoring:
a. CrisisOnCall membership number.
b. You’re own and an alternative passenger’s cell phone number.
c. A relative’s name and number.
d. The vehicle used for the trip’s details.
e. The route which is to be followed.
f. If small children or anyone with a serious illness is going to travel with you, please mention it to the person you speak to at the control centre.

Remember, trip monitoring can be requested even if you will not be travelling in your own vehicle. This is also one of the reasons why the vehicle information is requested.

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