The Real Value of Emergency Medical Care Services

It may come as a surprise to many but EMS or Emergency Medical Services have been around since as early as Napoleon where medics would evacuate soldiers off of the battlefield so as to provide immediate, life-saving assistance. In those times though it was unfortunately very common for soldiers to die or be permanently disabled from trivial injuries that, in modern times, could be attended to within a week or so. Luckily we are living in the modern era and emergency medical care is now more advanced than ever. No longer do we simply try to save a life, but instead are able to even prevent some injuries from occurring through intelligent protocols and "ultra-fast" medical response time.

When are Emergency Medical Care Services Required?

Emergency medical care is necessary at any time that a person's life may be in danger or if permanent damage, serious impairment to bodily functions or dysfunction of a limb or limbs occur. These occasions all call for immediate treatment and one should always be prepared for such scenarios.

Emergency Medical Care Services are a Right to All Citizens

In events such as the above-mentioned, those injured or in potential danger are allowed to visit any hospital, both public and private, regardless of whether the person has medical aid or can pay the medical fees. This is a right that we have in South Africa and no doctor, hospital or any type of medical practitioner is legally allowed to refuse, although some will demand compensation thereafter. This is covered by the SA constitution as per section 27 of the Act.

So why Utilise our Emergency Medical Care Services?

Unfortunately, this right does not extend to aspects such as medical transportation and associated assistance, which is where we also come in. With our emergency medical care services we adopt a comprehensive approach that includes facilitation of medical transportation in the event of dire emergencies. Furthermore we ensure that the hospital we take you to is ready to receive you so that crucial life-saving time is not wasted in trying to find a space or a doctor willing to help.

Don't gamble with your life, limbs or future and rather be prepared for any unforeseen circumstance. Call us directly at CrisisOnCalltoday to find out more details on our emergency medical care packages and related services, or simply visit us online for more information.

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