Where did CrisisOnCall start?

Cornelia Raath Lotter – mentor of CrisisOnCall Cornelia in hospital after her accident.

The life of Cornelia, an Electronic Engineer at the CSIR, changed dramatically when she was hit on her motorbike by a vehicle that skipped a stop street on 1 May 1996. She was thrown off the bike, her helmet came off, and her skull was crushed against the kerbstone. A man was driving behind her and saw the whole accident taking place. In his eyewitness report he states that when he reached her lying on the road, she was blue in the face, not breathing and her eyes were turned backwards. She was basically dead. He then gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (CPR), and she was brought back to life. As she was on her way to gym she had no identification or medical detail on her, and was refused entry to two private hospitals. As a result she was admitted to HF Verwoerd Hospital (Steve Biko Academic Hospital) as unknown and brain-dead and left to die. The Lord works in mysterious ways, as exactly this resulted in the development of the CrisisOnCall identification system that has already saved thousands of lives over the past few years! (Read her full storey on www.miaauw.co.za.)

The CrisisOnCall system was developed by a task team consisting of medical and other emergency personnel to offer an effective service that could save precious lifes in South Africa.

A full study was conducted in 2000 and 2001 and repeated in 2009.


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