Why emergency response on South Africa’s roads is so crucial

You only need to switch on the television and radio or open up a newspaper over the festive period to establish the importance of effective emergency response in South Africa. With anything from major accidents to hijackings becoming an all too familiar reality on our roads, it is vital that teams are put into place to respond immediately when emergencies arise on our roads.

Collisions and accidents

Accidents and collisions claim lives throughout the year on South Africa’s roads. Crisis on Call’s ability to dispatch paramedics and other emergency staff to the scene of an accident, via road or air, continues to prove invaluable for existing and prospective clients seeking travel assistance services. Paramedics will firstly work quickly and effectively to stabilise patients, before safely transporting them to nearby hospitals. Without effective emergency response teams on duty in South Africa, one can only imagine how much higher the death toll on our roads would be.


Sadly, crime remains a factor – even on our roads – and hijackings are an all too common occurrence. Should you become a victim of hijacking where robbers have made away with your vehicle, you will require assistance in several ways. In the case of survivors, these victims are normally left in exceptionally rural or isolated areas at any hour of the day or night. This is still a safety risk, coupled with the fact that you have to report the incident, contact your insurance and so on. Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you’ve been hijacked; our call centre will be able to dispatch assistance, including paramedics if you suffered injuries. Trauma counselling can also be arranged, should the victim wish to speak to a professional.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance is an integral part of emergency response crews in South Africa. Many road users have found roadside assistance to be a godsend, especially for motorists stranded at night in unfamiliar surroundings. Our roadside assistance service providers can assist with emergency roadside repairs including flat tyre changes, battery replacement as well as petrol call-outs. Other services include towing, car rentals, locksmiths, taxis as well as arranging for accommodation should you find yourself stranded a long way from home. The call centre operates 24-hours-a-day on every single day of the year using a toll-free number.

More and more people are benefiting from emergency response in South Africa. Whether they’ve been involved in a major collision or simply locked their keys in their car, Crisis On Call is equipped and available to assist!

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