Why you need roadside accident assistance

Roadside accident assistance is a must in today's era, especially in South Africa where vehicle collisions and fatalities are disturbingly high. The last thing you also want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere after an accident. In this piece we will explore exactly how you can benefit from a service such as our roadside accident assistance package.

You Needn't Feel Stranded

In the event that something occurs on the road and you are involved in a collision, you needn't feel alone. There can be no worse feeling than finding yourself stranded on a quiet highway in the middle of the night. Fortunately, our roadside accident assistance team will be able to reach you just about anywhere in the country.

Great Reach Across South Africa

The CrisisOnCall team has an extensive range of resources at their disposal in order to reach you quickly and easily. Whether you're stuck on a road in the middle of the Karoo or you're stuck in Johannesburg CBD, our team will be able to assist you as well as facilitate any special needs – including effective support and counselling afterwards.

Peace of Mind

Our roadside accident assistance package offers you great peace of mind. Even if you've never been in an accident and never have to use the service, it is always wonderfully reassuring knowing that you are catered for in the event of the unforeseen. This can go a long way in setting your mind at rest, especially if you have a long trip to make across the country.


Your vehicle needs to be roadworthy in order to qualify for this service. You will also need to use a towing company on CrisisOnCall's list of accredited service providers and the cost of locksmiths will have to be paid by the client.

Can you really afford to not be registered for a service like roadside accident assistance? Call CrisisOnCall today to find out exactly how you can benefit from the wide range of services and products available. When it comes to complete travel assistance, from insurance to emergency support services and roadside accident assistance, look no further than our comprehensive and affordable offering.


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