Safe Windshield Maintenance

It is clear that windshields perform a very important role in our vehicles. Not only do they keep our air conditioned or heated air and belongings inside, but they also keep bugs and other debris outside. In addition, you may not realise it, but windshields also act as a safety feature to protect you in accidents. Thus, it is important to maintain your windshield's integrity so it can help you stay safe.

First, you should understand how the windshield functions to keep you safe. Auto manufacturers consider windshields to be part of the vehicle's overall safety restraint system, or SRS. The SRS includes other well-known safety features, such as the seat belts and airbags.

As part of the SRS, one of the windshield's main jobs is to keep the passenger in the car during an accident so that he or she is not ejected. This is why windshields are made of glass and not plastic - glass is more flexible than plastic, and it is more forgiving on your head and neck should you be thrown into the windshield.

Another important feature of windshields is that they serve as structural support. This way, if you are in a rollover accident, the windshield can stop the passenger compartment from collapsing. This protects you from being crushed.

Because windshields are so important, you should work hard to maintain their integrity. First, keep your windshield wipers clean and transparent with the help of windshield wipers. Wipers can get old and may not be able to scrape away rain, which can interfere with visibility. Also, check your wiper fluid frequently so that you can clean off debris while driving, which can also help you with visibility.

Additionally, if you have any cracks in your windshield, you should get it replaced as soon as possible. Cracks can weaken your glass, which may inhibit it from protecting you in future accidents. Even if you do not have any visible imperfections, your windshield can collect microscopic divots from flying debris. Thus, you should still get your windshield replaced every so often.


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